30 October 2008

My day just happened to coincide with Disney Gay Days 2008. It's not an official event, but the Gayest place on earth, Disneyland, is overrun by thousands of gay men in red shirts. I pity the random straight man who by mistake chooses the clean red shirt from the cloths hamper.
My day started as most do. In Bed. I love beds.

There was showering and eating, and then

We wait for the shuttle to the park. Introductions are in order. On the left with the knockers my baby sis loves is my sister-in-law, Leslie. Next to her, the TALL one is Leslie's son Thomas. He's going into the Navy, this is his last hurrah before boot. On the right is my oldest friend Dave. AKA Big Gay all. AKA the infamous pirate, Lodi the Dove.

Leslie made a joke and had to hid from me. I found it quite funny that she could hide behind her son.

The banner says it all. "Where we meet old friends for the very first time"

My ticket to the Happiest place on earth. Yay!! First on our list was a scavenger hunt. We got there just a little bit early so we decided to channel some of the Disney character bronze statues in front of Cinderella's Castle.

What do you think, twins separated at birth?

The scavenger hunt was lots of fun, but it also involved LOTS of running around. Take my advice don't try to run and snap pictures. It's dangerous! (musical tones) The more you know!

After the scavenger hunt we headed to Critter Country. We got fast passes for Splash Mountain. Dave loved the sign, but we lost track of him afterwards. Funny enough we found him "just around the river bend"

This is the aftermath of Splash mountain. It's the only dry spot on my body. I was dripping for 15 minutes and wet for most of the day. That's the last time I sit in the front of the log.

A whale of a tale!

It may be noted in this picture that Thomas bears a passing resemblance to a certain actor who was in a certain Disney movie about Pirates. Too bad he's technically my nephew.

Lodi the Dove and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Define irony: Two gay men in a giant teacup.

The great fake mountain of Disneyland. I miss the sky tram that used to run through the mountain. The Yeti would wave at you when you went by.

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

This used to be the 20,000 Leagues under the Sea ride. It's been updated to a "Finding Nemo" theme.
Goofy Vader. hhhhssss, paaaaah hhhhssss, paaaah

And that is the extent of my pictures. It got dark and my camera doesn't do well in low light situations. We ate overpriced "park" food rode a few more rides, and then went back to the hotel. We crashed big time. Enjoy!!

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