01 July 2009

courtney's one day of photos

A little late...I am such a procrastinator when it comes to getting photos off of my camera!

On June 13th Chris and I were at Arches National Park.

The drive down:

Eeyore, who has lived on my rear view mirror for almost 10 years:

At Balanced Rock:

At Delicate Arch:

Pics from our campsite on the Colorado River:

20 June 2009

June 13th in Seattle

Ok. This will be a bit boring. I didn't have the drive to make it out of the house. Here's what I do have though.
I like to spend some time out on my balcony.

What a view. You're all jealous, I can tell.

The pussy pics. She's so precious.

Yes that is a leaf of catnip, or as I like to call it "kitty crack".

And just like that, it's gone.

She is so jonesing for more. She's limited to one leaf a day though.

This is my garden.

Yes that is the source of the catnip. I grow my own. It's purer that way ;o)

This is the indoor garden.

I spent the rest of the day making these. I ran out of yellow rings so I couldn't finish them, but when they get here I've got more. I'm going to try and sell them. Any takers?

And that is my day. Riveting huh?

15 June 2009

$teve's Juneteenth

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

To be honest this was kind of a slow day...but here you go. It started out at the first edition of the Farmer's Market, conveniently located across the street...

Then I did manly stuff...like laundry & vacuuming.
Indoor Neon - Almost as cool as the other kind...

Then as it has done for the past week or so, it rained...

Then I watched some movies...but you'll have to check out my blog for that...and the next day has even COOLER pictures. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Have a great day!!!

13 June 2009

Rain Rain Rain

I wish the weather had been better today. No photos :(

22 February 2009

Lilie's Friday le 13th

Well, it started as the usual gloomy day going to work,
awaiting the excitement of what is my job...

As I sit by my desk, I read the words on my calendar
to get inspiration and strength for the day...

The phone rang an unusually large number of times that day...

When I left work, I wanted to decompress. I knew I didn't have time to go home, change and walk on the beach - so I thought I would take a scenic route instead.

Saw lots of really cute homes on the beach... someday? :)

I called this place that was for lease, it's $2400/month for a one bedroom...

And that was my day! Until I got a phone call around 8pm from the BF saying that he's at the Long Beach airport.... Surprise! No pictures of 8 PM on, but certainly the best weekend of my life, including unexpected surprises and an engagement ring :)

19 February 2009

Apparently, I'd forgotten what the flier said. It's "I'd rather perish in this snowstorm than I'd rather perish...."


I awakened early for no good reason. I decided this was an excuse to begin taking photos.

As I left my house, I considered the route I should take. I see the same thing every day, it's time for a change on such a sunny morning.

I tried to document the homeless-ish man dressed as the statue of liberty hanging out with his buddy on the job. I think the people behind me hate me today.

After I got to work, I remembered one of the creepiest places in my building. There are plenty who take place in this blog who would recognize this area, but it's so much eerier this way.

These chairs seem absurd in their numbers. There is plenty of room here to stack fewer together.

So, to make call center employees feel even more like high school students, they asked us all to rearrange our desks. They said it was so we got to know our team. I think it's mind control.

I documented my desk as I moved out and McKenzey moved in. Stephanie commented that packing your things into a box at work while someone else waits for you to finish, also holding a box, gives you the feeling of being fired.

I agree with Stephanie.

The rest of work did not get photographed

Matt and I took a walk down for dinner at Red Rock.

One of my favorites of the day follows. I really think so, too.

Matt and I found a few instances of the flier that follows. The one we found initially was behind the plexiglass of a news stand and we couldn't get it to photograph and depict the words. I bring this up because the two shots we have are after fifteen minutes of trying different things.

The words are still not clear here. It says "I would rather be caught in the snowstorm than I would rather be caught in the snowstorm than...." and repeats.

We ordered this great bottle of trippelbock that Red Rock had on special. It was tasty and beautiful.

We walked up 300 South to the bus

It was a nice evening. I love the dirty city.