26 November 2008

courtney's day

check out courtney's photos on her blog

16 November 2008

The dawn of another day. It begins as most of the rest of mine. In my bed. It's a nice bed. A little rumpled, but still nice.
Then there is the showering, the shaving, the eating, and the getting ready for work. Really boring stuff.
Then I get to work. There's a problem. My coffee, it's so far away. Can't reach my coffee. Can't function or concentrate. And no, it's not Starbucks. I haven't had a Starbucks coffee since I moved up here. It's been Seattle's best, or homebrewed.

Ah, my workstation. Here's where I make the big bucks. OK mostly big bucks. OK, OK enough to get me by.

I'm such a smart ass. In my defense it was an odd, and prime number. It was 11.

So I headed from work to the gym and after the gym I realize I haven't been taking any pictures. Ooops. This is on my way home from the gym.

Nordstroms is getting ready for Christmas. Gee, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.This reminds me of Jessica and my baby sis. How great is this? This is part of my commute home. Sometimes I can even see the sound between the buildings. When it's light out that is. Beautiful full moon. It lit my way home. The picture quite doesn't do it justice.
The cat and I wish everyone good night.

14 November 2008

$teve's November 13th

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Here are some pictures of my Thursday. I apologize that I couldn't really take any pictures at work...or the gym (I was disappointed too...you should've seen this Pilates instructor) but alas, here they be...

First thing I see in the morning
The view from my bed at 6:45 AM...ladies...

A little later in the day, I got to walk around to

pick up pizzas for my new job - Delivery Boy

Ms. Pac-Man Tabletops

The gym that I go to...is in that skybridge

My apartment's up there on the right near the top

(Not in the Darth Vader Tower)

My lobby

My elevators

My view and a Paper Moon hangin' over a cardboard city

This is boring, let's go walk around LoDo

In honor of the Mad Scientist's Halloween costume,

The Che Factory - Crankin' out 1000 Revolucions per minute

YAY!!! Christmas is coming!!!

Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed it. Here's my real blog.

Tony's 11/13

Well, as I spent most of the day doing homework, there was not much to take a picture of. I did snap a couple while I was out and about for a little bit. Oh, and a couple at school. I do not have captions for some of them, as they, well, do not need them.

Snow. My Kryptonite:

The Electronics lab:

I have no idea what this crap is. And, yes, it is right-side-up:

Some of our out dated equipment:

Some one did not realize that yes, the windows do indeed open:

Outside the Physics building:

Just a lamp and a tree. I thought it was like fireworks on Valium:

Thant's all for my day folks!


yessymika's november day

hot rollers

woke up at 6AM. early. too early. particularly having worked until midnight the night before. too lazy to really do my hair. thank god for hot rollers.


sun rises are pretty. not pretty enough to make 7AM an everyday thing for me. but still. pretty.


at work, leading like a leader. and can i just say: our keyboards? ewww.

we don't take kindly to people who don't park correctly around here

around noon. home again, home again, jiggity jig. this lives behind my apartment building. we don't take kindly to folk who don't part correctly around here.

waiting by a brick wall

i was having one of those "don't really want to be around people" kind of days, so K-filly and i went for a little drive.

phone booth one

we stopped by The Best Little Phone Booth in Utah. it's pretty amazing. around 300 south and 300 east, near The Bakery.

our drive took us out by the Great Salt Lake, near Saltair. it's pretty brilliant. there's a place with an old building and train car covered in graffiti, and pieces of old waterslides. garbage and broken glass everywhere. it's like a post-apocalyptic wonderland.


a refrigerator full of condiments and no food. how embarrassing.

the chair - one

this chair sits are the edge of the lake. it is full of bullet holes and broken glass.


sea shells? no, something better. and more violent.


some of the wonderful graffiti we found. it makes me think of ingrid michaelson's song breakable: "we are just breakable girls and boys." but, you know, creepier.

pie is...

pie is 3.14159265358979323846…

finding treature

"i think this belongs to you," she said. "it's your treasure."

no hunting

continuing on our drive. somewhere near tooele, utah. i think someone shot the "no hunting" sign.

happy face

after we got home we made some ramen with eggs, and then K-filly's buddy B called from New Orleans. she was a happy, happy girl. see the smile? happy.