14 November 2008

$teve's November 13th

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Here are some pictures of my Thursday. I apologize that I couldn't really take any pictures at work...or the gym (I was disappointed too...you should've seen this Pilates instructor) but alas, here they be...

First thing I see in the morning
The view from my bed at 6:45 AM...ladies...

A little later in the day, I got to walk around to

pick up pizzas for my new job - Delivery Boy

Ms. Pac-Man Tabletops

The gym that I go to...is in that skybridge

My apartment's up there on the right near the top

(Not in the Darth Vader Tower)

My lobby

My elevators

My view and a Paper Moon hangin' over a cardboard city

This is boring, let's go walk around LoDo

In honor of the Mad Scientist's Halloween costume,

The Che Factory - Crankin' out 1000 Revolucions per minute

YAY!!! Christmas is coming!!!

Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed it. Here's my real blog.


j.l. clyde said...

oooo, the sky looks so pretty in those first few shots. very blue. probably becausey you're so high up... away from the smog :)

Randombits said...

It's so weird the first time you realize it's "your hotel" isn't it. It's no longer some place you've been to once or twice.