14 November 2008

Tony's 11/13

Well, as I spent most of the day doing homework, there was not much to take a picture of. I did snap a couple while I was out and about for a little bit. Oh, and a couple at school. I do not have captions for some of them, as they, well, do not need them.

Snow. My Kryptonite:

The Electronics lab:

I have no idea what this crap is. And, yes, it is right-side-up:

Some of our out dated equipment:

Some one did not realize that yes, the windows do indeed open:

Outside the Physics building:

Just a lamp and a tree. I thought it was like fireworks on Valium:

Thant's all for my day folks!


1 comment:

j.l. clyde said...

hurray for campus photos! and hurray for black&white&grey! i love that last shot. the light in the leaves is really pretty.