01 November 2008

One Day In November (and a few awards)

Hi. Thank you to everyone who participated last month!

The award for Best Shots from a Car goes to Ruben, who also won the Best Shot of Two Feet Award.

Tony won the Terminal Velocity and Duck on a Keychain Award, as well as the Black and White = Awesome Award.

The Award for the Most Puppies goes to Joey and Geoff (and Cobbler). Geoff also won the Finger Up the Nose Award.

The Disney-est of Awards to go Randy, who has also earned the title of Honorary Goofy.

Steve won the Sheer Number of Photos Award, as well as the Party Animal Award.

Our "one day" this month is November 13th.


The Mad Scientist said...

Hooray! Another one! I'm charging my camera already...

Randombits said...

(squeak) I won something! You know these statues are heavier than they look. I'd like to thank the Academy. I owe it all to my parents. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be here.