16 November 2008

The dawn of another day. It begins as most of the rest of mine. In my bed. It's a nice bed. A little rumpled, but still nice.
Then there is the showering, the shaving, the eating, and the getting ready for work. Really boring stuff.
Then I get to work. There's a problem. My coffee, it's so far away. Can't reach my coffee. Can't function or concentrate. And no, it's not Starbucks. I haven't had a Starbucks coffee since I moved up here. It's been Seattle's best, or homebrewed.

Ah, my workstation. Here's where I make the big bucks. OK mostly big bucks. OK, OK enough to get me by.

I'm such a smart ass. In my defense it was an odd, and prime number. It was 11.

So I headed from work to the gym and after the gym I realize I haven't been taking any pictures. Ooops. This is on my way home from the gym.

Nordstroms is getting ready for Christmas. Gee, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.This reminds me of Jessica and my baby sis. How great is this? This is part of my commute home. Sometimes I can even see the sound between the buildings. When it's light out that is. Beautiful full moon. It lit my way home. The picture quite doesn't do it justice.
The cat and I wish everyone good night.


j.l. clyde said...

do skirts often remind you of me? you must be reminded of me often :)

i hope the kitty is feeling better.

Randombits said...

I'm always thinking of you hun. Skirts, Scarves, books...you name it it reminds me of you. Maybe I'm you're weird gay stalker.