20 June 2009

June 13th in Seattle

Ok. This will be a bit boring. I didn't have the drive to make it out of the house. Here's what I do have though.
I like to spend some time out on my balcony.

What a view. You're all jealous, I can tell.

The pussy pics. She's so precious.

Yes that is a leaf of catnip, or as I like to call it "kitty crack".

And just like that, it's gone.

She is so jonesing for more. She's limited to one leaf a day though.

This is my garden.

Yes that is the source of the catnip. I grow my own. It's purer that way ;o)

This is the indoor garden.

I spent the rest of the day making these. I ran out of yellow rings so I couldn't finish them, but when they get here I've got more. I'm going to try and sell them. Any takers?

And that is my day. Riveting huh?

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