11 October 2008

my photo day and stuff

Geoff and I both took photos, but we used my camera, and I uploaded them so they're under the same post. This first one is a book that also includes a c.d. to help YOU unlock your psychic abilities! We listened to the c.d. in the car while running errands. 
Geoff reviews the book on "Ghost Cake" check itunes to download the podcast:)

Here is Geoff with a lovely wigbox at "Consignment Circut"
We also went to the Planetarium to get Geoff's brother a birthday present. 
I love this dude. Check out how blocky his feet are..
This is Cobbler Obama Wobbler, my Brussels Griffon. He's the best dog ever:) Currently he's napping in my lap. 
Geoff never could keep his finger out of his nose for very long...

Back at the planetarium, I have a super spongy creepy alien wig thing! It attacked me while I was on the phone with my sister Emily. 
Cobbler and I pose for a photo:)
Bringing Bob to stay at my house. He is Molly's, but she's letting me borrow him to help me with my anatomy homework. It helps that it's nearing Halloween. 
That's about it. I like this game:)

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j.l. clyde said...

puppy! i'm excited to come play with him. does he, or does he not, eat benito flakes?

oh, and nice way to plug mr. geoff's podcast.