05 October 2008

Generic Day- in glorious B&W

Lilie's apple

My homework:

Our fountain:

An empty work station:

Our lights:

A tree on the way to work:

The horse in From Russia with Love's car:

RC Willey back lot:

Abstract out the window:

Our plants at work:

Out the windsheild on the way to work:

Fron Russia with Love's key chain:

Yes, they are... Thank you!:
Amazing clouds and mountains:

As you can see, they day was somewhat average. Just a closer look. I do have photos from $teves party, but From Russia with Love took most of them- and mine were not that great, so I decided to post these.

1 comment:

j.l. clyde said...

love all the close ups. i think my favorites are your homework and the rearview. great job mister scientist!