05 October 2008

yessymika's day


"the moment i wake up, before i put on my makeup..." tony says it looks like i'm screaming, but, i promise, it's only a yawn.


walking down first avenue in the rain. it was really pretty. and just in case there wasn't enough water, i found another source.

yellow, too

continuing my walk in the avenues. i really love this house. it's so... yellow.

lds parking services

lds parking services. for all your parking needs. i found these babies while walking down south temple.


taking the train out to the holladay, utah area to visit with my mom and brother. it was his birthday, and we were going to eat some tasty grub at the porcupine grill. i think it was this guys first time on trax. he was really nervous, and asked several people if he was going the right way.

the pumpkins of my youth

my mom has owned these pumpkins for as long as i can remember. once they come out, you know it's fall. they're cheesy... but they're mine.


say hello to frank. or saint francis of assisi if you want to be really polite. he lives in my mom's backyard. i'm not sure why. she's not really catholic.


my mom and stepfather moving furniture. they do this every few days it seems. they really like change. i just thought it was a bit strange of them to do it during a birthday party. but some people juggle geese, so i'm not going to judge them.


so... for future reference... it's a really BAD idea to walk around downtown during lds conference. particularly near the temple. a really, really, bad idea. these people had no regard for others. they came at me in waves and nearly poked my eyes out with their umbrellas.

o hai.  u can wake up now?

i laid down, just for a minute, and woke up an hour later to find my cat sitting on my chest. i think she was plotting something. something evil.

little man

my dad took us to tucci's at trolley corners (NOT trolley square, which would have been a really, really bad idea) for my brother's birthday. and, just so you're aware, tucci's is terrible. worse than olive garden. which is saying something. my cousin ordered some mac 'n' cheese for her son (pictured here... isn't he cute?) and they gave her KRAFT mac 'n' cheese. classy.

making faces

went to steve's going away party. he's leaving for denver. bastard. kidding. i'm happy for him. i'm just going to miss him... a lot.

this is diana. she's neat. and makes funny faces. see? funny.


in the middle of the party esther and i decided to go for a little walk. it was getting really hot inside the party house, and sometimes you just need to step away from the beer. we wandered about and found some really neat stairs. i heart stairs.

best photo of the night

steve, tony, and james. this has to be my favorite photo from steve's going away party. i mean, look at it. it's awesome.

i choose you

around 2AM esther and i decided that it was time to leave the party. we'd played rock band, hugged a bunch of people, talked to even neater people, had some tasty beverages. but all good things must come to an end. and the best way to end the night is at the belgiun waffle house. with eggs. and hot chocolate. and claw machines filled with creepy things.

the end.

i of course, being the geek i am, took a lot more photos... a lot more... too many. i kinda have a problem, and am currently seeking help. if you're curious, and would like to enable me, you can check them out here.

and remember to check out the flickr group for more one day photo fun!

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