01 October 2008

The One Day Photo Project

Interested in taking photographs?

Do you delight in catching glimpses into the lives of others?

Are you compelled to share information about yourself online?

Good. Then here's the plan:

On Saturday, October 4th, 2008, we are going to document our day with photographs and then share them with each other.


You can take pictures of whatever you want: scrambled eggs, your fancy new shoes, friends, family, coworkers, your dog, people on the bus, the grocery store. Whatever you want. Anything and everything. It's up to you.

And feel free to do whatever you'd like with the project. If you want to pick a theme, great! Take pictures of everything purple you see, or portraits of all the people you talk to.

The purpose of this project is to simply document and show your day, and you can show it in any way you like.

Take as many photos as you choose over the day, but please limit your postings on this blog to 15.

When describing the photos, give as much information as you'd like, but as a minimum please:

*post them in the order you want them viewed
*include where the photo was taken

Thank you everyone for participating, and have fun!

(There is a sister site for this project here. If you're interested in joining the Flickr project as well, please let me know!)


$teve said...

For some reason it's not letting me sign up...but I'll get'r'done.

Maddy and Drew said...

I'm in! :)

◄DRB► said...
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◄DRB► said...

Sign me up!