05 October 2008

My Day

I decided to post here instead of Flickr, just because it's easier to decide the order things are in.

At Weightwatchers this morning it was time for me to switch from shorts and sandals to jeans, socks and shoes, and I blame the roughly 6 pounds difference compared to last week on the additional weight of my clothes.

We went to Hopper's for lunch. A good place to eat, both for lunch and dinner. They brew their own beer, but I didn't have any today. At the top right you can see my favourite lunch item, the Turkey Cranberry Wrap. I substitute a side salad for the fries that usually come with it. I was already half way through my salad before I remembered to take another photo for the project.

After lunch, Erica had to get her nails done. I settled in for a long afternoon alone because her nail-lady takes forever. A new set usually takes something like four hours. I imported more CDs into iTunes and put them into my music database on my homepage.

We've got this one hanging from Erica's desk probably since Monday, April 23rd 2001. If you knew Erica's mother, you would get the reference.

Time for Halloween decorations. I'm not into celebrating witches that eat little babies (alias Sarah Palin) too much, but Erica loves decorating for Halloween. And I keep my mouth shut and let her do what she wants. This guy literally hangs out on the back of our couch in the living room before he's hung up in front of the window.

It's time to go to Steve's going-away party at Brian's house. On the way we had we decided that wanted to eat some dinner before. This is the sunset over the western mountains (duh western, where else? By the way a good question for the What If game: "What if the sun set in the East?").

Our trusted TomTom guides the way to Brian's house. Erica got annoyed with the voice announcements so I turned off the sound.

More of the sunset.

Erica's new nails. Worth the four hours, I think. In case it's not quite visible on the photo, there are spider webs and spiders on them.

We had ... anyone? anyone? Chinese food. This little guy (or is it a gal?) hangs next to the entrance.

Our restaurant of choice for today's dinner. Rice King on 7200 South and somewhere east of State Street in Fort Union. Good, inexpensive place and they have the second-best Hot&Sour Soup in the valley, best being at Indochine.

We were stopped at a traffic light so I decided to take this place of Hopper's, where we had breakfast that morning. The whole left side of the restaurant is their brewery. They are located on the corner of Fort Union Blvd and 700 East.


On I-15 going towards I-80 East on route to Brian's house.

My Beck's. The world's best beer. A little more than three dollars a bottle for the 24 ounce. But well worth it. Erica thinks it's too bitter. We arrived at Brian's house. A very nice place.

Chandelier with real candles in the room's dim light. Lit from the right by a TV.

Steve, who's going to move to Denver to work at a Ritz-Carlton there. Good for him. Denver seems to be a nice place. I've not been there. But after we give Steve some time to settle in and explore good places to go, I am sure we'll visit him.

Brian, who hosted the party at his house. Very nice of him to do this for Steve.

Jessica and Ester.

Erica's and my feet. The table in this room was very interesting. It had something like padding around it, so that your feet felt ok when they were on the table.

Over time, the pile of shoes by the door built up quite a bit. Some people even tripped over my shoes. Oh well. It's not like they would have been able to not see them. They were the biggest ones there.

Those are Jessica's legs on Erica's legs.

Once I was done with my Beck's, Jessica gave me one of her beers. Mickey's Malt Liquer. I don't think it actually said "beer" anywhere on the bottle. It was alright, but nothing too spectecular.

Tony, who also brought his camera as a participant of Jessica's project. He also brought beer, which he showing of proudly here. It's Guiness. In a bottle. Brilliant!


Jessica hiding behind Erica (well, not really hiding, we just all sat on the same couch). I think it was at this point that Jessica was complaining that I took pictures only of her.

Jessica putting on her shoes.

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j.l. clyde said...

fantastic! i love that last photo of me. i kinda pixie like... in boots.

also love the rice king and hoppers photos. i'm a sucker for neon signs.

i hope you had fun. thanks for participating!