25 December 2008

yessymika's december day... guest starring esther kim

good morning! er, afternoon.


i spent a good portion of the day being a geek. a literature geek. i alphabetized my books. it ended up taking me days. days. that's a lot of books. steve mocked me. and the kitty "helped" by... well, she was there for moral support.

the great alphabetizing project
reading by osmosis

met up with esther, and dropped off the many, many, many, many books she'd used for her final papers at the marriott library on the u of u campus. it was very quiet there. the sound of thousands of students sleeping is silence.


next? sugarhouse! on the sunday before christmas! my god, the humanity. the humanity.

frightening consumerism

after shop shop shopping (i found a red tube top for $1.99!) we went to blue plate for some well deserved fries and veggie sausage. mmmm, veggie sausage...

i would like my fries now please
blue neon

and then more shopping. at brickyard, my old stomping ground. ross dress for less smells funny. and i found purple gloves. esther did not buy this bling.

dress for less bling

next i made esther drive me down 300 west to take photos of all the neon i drive passed on a daily basis. it was glorious. glorious. and cold.

peterbrilt neon
american bush neon
yo neon
flamingo neon

i love this sign. and i didn't get shanked while taking this photo.

have a nice day

next? the temple. why? why not. there were pretty lights. and stereotypes!

the traditional
because japanese sheep squint? wtf?!
christmas kiwi?

and then... it was cold. so we went to nostalgia for some coffee. it's pretty great there. you should check it out.

sippy face

they also have a giant chess set. giant! esther checked me. then mated.


while taking this photo some guy inside thought i was taking a photo of him. which i wasn't. egoist!

coffee neon

the end!

oh, and yes, i'm aware that i broke my own "maximum of 15 photos rule." i'm the blog boss. i do as i please.

as always i took too many pictures. you can see them all here.

thanks for playing!


$teve said...

Damn literature majors. :)

esther said...

i didn't know there was a photo limit. ha, i totally broke your rule. sucker!