09 January 2009

My day several days later or weeks. Who's counting?

Snow in Seattle? Believe it or not it's a rare experience. I thought I left snowy Sundays in Salt Lake. The jokes on me I guess.

Ahh, the breakfast of champions named Randy. Yummy!!

My new shoes. They were only $15 bucks. Great deal right? Not so much I think I overpaid. By the end of the day they had a hole in them. That was day 2 of wearing them. I'll be taking them back when I get a chance.

Downtown you see the Macy's Star. It's REALLY bright after dark.

Not enough snow plows plus several days of snow toss in some very steep streets that are closed and you get people acting like children

It's a snow woman. You may ask how I know. She had boobies, they were small, firm and icy.

See I was right the star is much brighter at night. The tree was pretty too. Then it started to snow again.

Lights in the trees. Just like home.

Then I headed home, got stuck at a park and ride and had to walk home 3 miles in the snow. A good samaritan stopped and gave me a lift. I was so cold and tired he could have had an axe next to him and I would have gotten in. So you see I took my life into my hands to get these pictures.

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