20 January 2009

$teve's Obama Day

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,
Well, I kinda forgot that today was Photo Day (cell phone problems for those who don't know) but I think I made up for it later in the day...so sorry, no shower pictures this time. Though with my new cell phone, I thought I'd break in the camera a bit...and this was all I came up with...
My keyboard...in negative
I like how this makes my hand look like a creepy talon
After work, I went home. Isn't that what you do? Then I walked around town a bit because I wasn't feeling well...and my response is usually "Walk it off" whenever that's the case...and it was still in the 50's after the sun went down...which isn't what you would expect mid-January in Denver, Colorado. Anyway, here are the pictures...
Lobby of my apartment building...
with free (included with rent) coffee and breakfast
Elevators...with a Poltergeist III theme
My living room...with new serpentine lamp
What's that out the window?
Have I mentioned that I love my view?

My version of the Rocky Steps...

the gym is at the top of them

Watched a bunch of History Channel President Specials

My building - Can you guess which light is my apartment?

Big hole in the ground

Not sure where they keep the cows

The 9th Gate...er, 9th Door

Sip Wine Shop - Much more high class than my idea, "Gulp"

Well, that's about it. I have a picture or two of my bedroom with a special red bulb glow for the ladies...but that's only for a special few. Wanna see it? Come visit Denver...but more importantly, have a great day!!! OBAMA!!!

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