21 January 2009

yessymika's january day

i tried to wake up early so i could watch the inauguration on tv. as i don't have one, this would have required going somewhere. which was too much effort at 9AM. 9AM is too early for jessicas. so i lay in bed and listened to it on npr.

20/365: maybe i'll smile today
i was feeling very hopeful. about the future. about the present. about the country. everything. later on in the day i started feeling a bit hopeless again, but i had a nice wallow and a good cry, and felt better afterwards. now i'm choosing to have faith, that things will improve.

i tried to go to work. but they didn't want me. so i came home again, and as i was waiting for esther to come over i wandered around behind my apartment. this is my garage. i love the texture.

my neighbor has been counting down bush's last days in office on her little christmas board. i loved coming home, walking pass her door, and seeing "5 days!" "3 days!" "1 day!" and finally... ta da!

esther and i drove over to sage market for some tasty snacks. i did not buy a bag full of garlic, but i did buy some little bowls with pigs on them, and shrimp chips.

we went over to the fairy park, sat on a bench, drank some very cold sodas (brrrrr) and decided to write a pamphlet called "social consciousness for dummies." also, i found a hat.

to warm up, and for lack of any other ideas, we went to toys r' us. we tried to find some $5 gifts for each other, but failed. toys r' us sucks. also, PINK GAMES? do girls really need every game remade in PINK?! what's the point of pink monopoly? or jenga?

last we went to pagoda for some tasty chicken tats. we did not eat sushi. a man came and sat at a table near us. he was alone and consumed a large amount of california rolls by himself. he stared at us the entire time, and drank a beer.

came home and watched Zombie Strippers. because nothing says "history" like naked dead girls.

the end.


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