31 January 2009

11 days ago - esther's january 20th 2009

hello! sorry to be late, but it's fashionable, and i am a superficial bitch so the timing of this post suits me.

inauguration day! in celebration, i took the day off of work to revel in the fact we have a new president. besides, if i would have gone to work, i probably would have cut someone.

still evil

see ya later evil dick cheney! srsly, who looks that evil in a wheelchair? dick the devil cheney.


i was so happy. i cried.

afterwards, i went to get my learn on.

the long way

the shuttle was so insanely packed that day i had to awkwardly hang over an even more awkward guy. and the driver kept giving me dirty looks.

the professor

it's queer theory with genius/professor kathryn stockton. she is so cool. a friend of mine has a theory that she's into asphixiation, hence the mock turtlenecks. i think she is just really cold.


after class i visit my friend irene. i secretly think of her as my mentor.

1001 cranes

she had this amazing... THING hanging from her ceiling. 1000 cranes she made for her daughter's wedding. she told me when i got married she would make them for me too! now i have to get married, if only for that gift. put that on my list of things to do...


take a very empty shuttle back to my car.

day 20

this was my picture of the day for the 365 day photo project. one of my favorites.


bleh, haze.

jessica and i went to sage's market.

men's pocky

men's pocky. it's bitter. like men. ha!

logo for a freight company

this is the logo for a freight company - i always see their trucks around my work and LOVE it so much!


we go to a park and eat our goods in bitter ass cold.

to kill more time without losing our toes, we go to toys r us.

my god, the pink.

now they're manufacturing board games for girls. pink monopoly! you can be a chihuahua, a cell phone or sunglasses. the boutique edition also comes in a pink carrying case reminiscent of a jewelry box. my god, are gender roles being so threatened we need to reinforce them like THIS?

en garde!

jessica and i duel with stuffed animals. i won. totally.

lolz, jessica.

sup suckas


we left, and i bought the high school musical version of mystery date for $4.40. SO GOOD! WHO WILL PLAY WITH ME?! we went to pagoda and i ate my favorite thing ever, chicken tats. so delicious, not to be confused with tater tots (bleh).

light in my tea

a light in my tea cup!


that's not vague at all.

then i went home to find my textbooks had arrived!


played some video games, read a little and went to bed. pretty good day.

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$teve said...

Men's Pocky Sticks? Never would've imagined. Thank you for sharing your day. :)