02 December 2008

the november 13th of esther

it's late, but here's my day.

god, i hate this font.



my dad's hat to the west to the north
i was running late so there was no time for prep photos, just a straightaway out the door. my dad's hat was on the table and i had to take a picture of the clip on the brim. it's a character from a korean card game we used to play, the red circle denotes the highest value. it's so cute. to the west, the drive-in. to the north, some road. to work!

untied the 'good' boss. working(?)
i was running so late there was no time to tie my shoes, which seems to be the norm these days. my giant boss, shane, thinking deeply. and me with a surprised/vapid look on my face. i'm working. sort of.

this weather depresses me
lunch time! i'm off to partake in good old fashioned american consumerism!

new phone! puppy cam the beesley
i bought a new cell phone! yes, i was as happy as my face reveals. a picture is worth a thousand words folks. later that night, i dropped it and scratched the hell out of it. :( i get back to cover the reception desk and spend the hour watching the shiba inu puppy cam. so adorable. and then jessica comes back and makes that weird face.

and then i leave work!

"my other car is an autobot..."
not only did i risk my own life but the lives of others taking this photo. if you can't read through the blurriness, the bumper sticker reads 'my other car is an autobot'. nerdtastic.

giant chair unnecessary
i head to sugarhouse and pass an enormous adirondack chair. some day, i'll sit in it. i park across from a pretentious auto with wipers on their headlights. really, are those that effective, specifically in rain? snow, i get, but rain?

3pm @ barnes and nobles
look, a bunch of white kids immersed in manga!

i leave with a birthday gift (not shown) and spot this sad sight:

smashed bird
dead bird! and not just dead, but bloody squished. poor little thing.

on my way up to campus. can someone tell me what's strange about this photo?

i took this series of photos at a red light
cloud progression 1 cloud progression 2 cloud progression 3

those clouds were booking! comparable to a slow moving train!

it doesn't take much to impress me. obviously.

i meet up with my aasa peeps and we bowl the fastest game of our lives.

catherine bowls


together, we make up a revolutionary

when my team plays, we become a revolutionary. a bowling revolutionary.

actually, i think one of us broke 100. maybe. total points? 200ish?

i'm going to try and finish this book by the end of this year

afterwards i settle in and continue reading 'killing rage'. it makes my brain hurt, but i like it.

i see irene and help her set up a table for some high school thing and we discuss academia because we are better than you.

i leave to prep for studying. yes, i had to study to for tutoring.

sleeping guy
this guy was really into his sleep in the student lounge.

solve application problems tutor-d.
and then chris came and tutored me in math! thanks chris! i did wind up guessing some of the answers, but felt generally more confident afterwards. also, i had a test a week later and got an 80 when i was sure i would have failed, so epic win!

on my way to my car, i dropped my new cell phone and scratched it all up. :( the rest of my night was uneventful. i think i watched the office.


Lilie said...

Oh, oh!!! The UTA sign is backwards!! Was that a camera setting or is there such a sparkling mirror on 4th south?

esther said...

dang you got it! and i thought nobody cared. i took the picture in my sideview mirror while waiting for the light to change. woot!