23 December 2008

esther's december 21 - guest star jessica lee

it's another one day photo post! but in a much more timely manner. i swear, the things you can get done when you're not putting off homework.

one day photo project
december 21, 2008

the first productive thing i did that sunday was make holiday themed treats for co-workers and friends alike.

x-mas treats

rice crispy treats with fruity pebbles in a vague starlike shape! general consensus - delicious.

3 hours and too much sugared rice cereal to mention later, i clean myself up and get ready to go out.

new tee shirt

my newest threadless tee shirt - the graphic on it is so huge my boobs look frightening.

i pick up jessica and we go to the library to drop off many many many many many books used for research.

returning books

time for holiday themed consumerism!

we fear (and blur) old navy

the anticipation of an overcrowded old navy frightens us.

while we were there, we saw my dad! he's so awesome.

jessica noted how expressive he is, but he doesn't like having his picture taken, so you'll just have to imagine it.

he was there looking for the same thing i was - gloves! but we couldn't find any and i vowed to buy him some that night. we measured hand sizes and his are just a little bit bigger than mine, which means either he has lady hands or i have man hands.

but first, to eat.

tabasco part 1 tabasco part 2

blue plate bokeh

jessica and tabasco at the blue plate diner. i don't claim to understand it.

we went to tjmaxx afterwards and i found gloves for my dad! $9.99!

kumon! peterbilt

jessica has a thing for neon. i chauffered.

peterbilt girl

peterbilt girl

yo elect!

yo elect! my favorite sign of the night.

on to temple square!

las vegas for mormons

srsly, vegas for mormons.

mormon nativity on relfection pond

i'm going to assume you've already read my racist nativity post so please enjoy these photos while i quietly fume.

the devil, jessica and the nativity scene!

jessica, her devil head and the nativity. speaks for itself, doesn't it?

x-mas/valentines bokeh


japanese doll nativity

representin' my peeps

reppin' my caricaturized pan-ethnic peeps.

polynesian doll nativity

kiwi. argh.

we escaped the bitter cold and oppression to nostalgia coffee shop for warmth and easy listening jazz.

breakfast at tiffany's cupcake

breakfast at tiffany's cupcake ala mini's (?)

jessica plays chess

jessica and i play a rousing game of chess. i checkmated her.

sitting next to a modern santa

i'm sitting next to santa claus if he went on atkins, took up hiking and ran an internet business.

then i went home, exhausted. but when i tried to go to sleep all the sugar from the three ultra sweet cokes i'd had at 5:30pm at dinner (yes, dinner at 5:30, i am 65 years old) i couldn't so i just stared into space until i woke up the next morning.

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