22 December 2008

Quantized pictures of Tony's Solstice

Well, the day started out rather boring. My day like every other started out in my room. Here are some of those sights. they include: 2 odd mask faces that I found in a surf shop in Cali, and a globe I got as a white elephant gift:

From Russia with love and I had to run around some, and I snapped these of a construction site and some traffic:

Then I had to go to work. So here are some bland pics of the office on a Sunday:

Our new break room:

Is that the surface of the Moon?!?!? No, just snow... my Kryptonite:

These were ones that From Russia with Love took. Here I am getting into my pocket after a rinning phone:

And here are her cute eyes in the mirror:

And that's the show folks! Untill next Month!



$teve said...

Nice break room.

Lilie said...

I completely forgot about the break room! How's it coming along?