06 December 2008

one day- december

I hope everyone had fun last month.

This month our "one day photo" day will be: Sunday, December 21st.

And now... a few November awards:

The "I'm Unoriginal and Did the Same Crap Again This Month" Award goes to... Tony! Who also won the "Welcome to My Secret Lab - Don't Touch That!" Award. (Oh, and I'm not being mean, really... he told me to type that).

The "I Live at a Higher Elevation Than All of You Suckers" Award goes to... Steve! I'm also giving him the "Viva La Revolution... via Broken Sign" Award.

Randy is this month's recipient of the "Kissing Up To The Blog Boss" Award (well done Mister Randy), and "Cuddling with the Kitty" Award.

The "W.O.W. Geek" Award, and the "Violators Will Be Shot" Award, goes to Courtney.

Esther is the recipient of the "Dead Critters on the Asphalt" Award, as well as the "Freakishly Fast Clouds Montage" Award.

Congratulations everyone! I know these awards mean the world to you.


Randombits said...

Can't wait for the next photo day. Since it's a Sunday I should be able to get a lot of pictures in.

$teve said...